Event Management Companies in Jodhpur

Top 9 Event Management Companies in Jodhpur

You will agree with me when I say:

To plan and organize an event strategically is difficult and time consuming work.

Whether it is wedding or festival planning, most of us don’t know what to do?

It is so because we don’t have experience in event management and may be it’s your first time.

So, what’s the solution?

Very simple solution…

Hire an event management company.

There are many event management companies in Jodhpur which will do all the hard work for you.

So that you can just relax and focus on your new relationships and serve your guests well.

Since event management companies have experience in this field, therefore, there is little chance of mismanagement.

In “marriage gardens in Jodhpur”, we discussed that in any wedding, one of the hardest thing to do is to choose a marriage garden.

We also talked about some factors you should keep in mind before selecting a Marriage Garden. So check out that article if you have not yet.

Back to our topic…

Like choosing marriage garden, managing the wedding is also difficult.

So, I have created this list of top event management companies in Jodhpur to make it easy for you to organize events and weddings.

Which company should you choose?

You can choose on the basis of:

  • Experience: It is the most essential factor.
  • Your Budget

There are other factors, but keep in mind these two important factors.

Here is the list of event management companies in Jodhpur:

1.      Arambh (Event Manager, Wedding Planner and Caterer)

Email: arpitpatwa2005@gmail.com

Address: 2 C 17, 1st Puliya, Chopasani Housing Board, Jodhpur

Contact: 94141-18882, 95299-88798

2.      Happy Events

Website: www.happyevents.co.in

Address: 2F22, 1st Puliya Road, Chopasani Housing Board, Jodhpur

Contact: 94604-2720897990-05006

3.      Bask Entertainment Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Website: www.baskentertainment.com

Address: Holi Chowk, 1st B Road, Sardarpura, Jodhpur

Contact: 0291-2632157, 93147-21213, 99822-21213

4.      Anmol Wedding and Event Management

Website: www.weddingnevents.com

Address: 1st B Road, Opposite to Vivadha Sarees, Near Mahaveer Mega Mart, Sardarpura, Jodhpur

Phone: 94144-17817, 94141-34501

5.      Perfexion

Website: www.perfexionevents.com

Address: G – 21, Shastri Nagar, Jodhpur

Contact: 98290-21879, 99280-24879, 78910-87500

6.      Jain Events

Website: www.jainevents.com

Address: 1st B Road, Sardarpura, near Goal Building Circle, Jodhpur

Contact: 80581-80581

7.      Fusion Events and Wedding Planner

Website: www.fusioneventsjodhpur.com

Address: 12/1, 12th Sector, Opposite Vasundhara Hospital, Chopasani Housing Board, Jodhpur

Contact: 94131-3436877377-78448

8.      Rising Mercury Events Pvt. Ltd.

Website: www.mercuryevents.org

Address: 48 Krishna Kripa, 11th Pal Road, Opposite Red Chilly Restaurant, Opposite Shagun Palace, Pal Road, Jodhpur

Contact: 80039-8000080039-60000

9.      S R Event

Website: www.sarinevent.com

Address: 14/117, Chopasani Housing Board, Sardarpura, Jodhpur

Contact: 97844-4666596607-75775

Here’s what to do next…


You have read the list of event management companies in Jodhpur.


For this list to help you, you must call each of these companies and enquire them for your event.

Why should you choose Event Management Company?

It is wise decision to hire an event management company because if something goes wrong, you know who is responsible.

Without an event management company, everyone blames each other for mistakes. It is hard truth of mismanaged events.

So, make a wise decision 🙂


Pankaj Solanki

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