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Top #1 Martial Arts Classes in Jodhpur

So you want to learn Martial Arts in Jodhpur.


People that succeed in Martial Arts do two things very well:

First, they find a sensei (Teacher/Guru) who leads them and teaches them Martial Art techniques.

Second, they put 100% of their efforts into perfecting and practicing those techniques.

I know practicing is not your problem.

What your problem is:

“How do I find Martial Art Trainer in Jodhpur?”

Am I right?

Well today, I’m going to make it easy for you.

All you need to do is take out a few minutes of your day and call the Trainer and start as soon as possible.

You ready?

Let’s do this.

What is Martial Arts?

As Wikipedia explains:

Martial arts are codified systems and traditions of combat practices, which are practiced for a variety of reasons: self-defense, competition, physical health and fitness, entertainment, as well as mental, physical, and spiritual development.”

It is the improvement of physical and mental health simultaneously.

Why should I practice Martial Arts?

Let me answer this question:

1.      You Will Get More Active

This is the obvious reason you should do martial arts, in today’s world and age, to get active and moving.

In martial arts basic Gymnastics is always included to make body as flexible as possible.

In case you have not noticed, we are living in war threatening age. This means anytime anything can happen. So if you are fit, you will always find a way to survive. And I think it is all that matters.

When you are yourself Martial Artist then the news of theft, rape and robbery will not threaten you. And you will be better able to defend yourself, rather than cry for help.

There are also increasingly unfit people in addition to being overweight. The problem is particularly alarming in kids.

The martial arts offer many benefits, but when it comes to fitness, becoming a true martial artist means becoming a supremely fit person. Martial arts can help you get fit and healthy.

2.      You will learn to Find Focus and Stillness

Of the many challenges that we face today, one is that we are constantly plugged in with information.

While there are a great many benefits to the Internet, there are many more benefits in stillness and silence.

Unfortunately stillness and silence seem to be rare to find.

At some point in life, every one of us comes to learn that the greatest obstacle we face in this lifetime is ourselves. That battle is fought in the stillness of our hearts and the willingness to confront ourselves.

As Bruce Lee pointed out, behind the punches, kicks, and knees, a true martial artist learns to sit with himself and see where his weaknesses are.

At the martial arts classes, there are no loud music or flat screen TVs, just hard work and sweat. As a martial artist, you will learn what it is to be still, challenged, and focused.

3.      You will learn to Take Hits

In the martial arts, you will learn what it is to take a hit, whether that hit is a literal blow or a disappointment like failing a test.

Part of life is learning that we all take hits. The key is in learning how best to take that hit and get back up.

Unfortunately, this lesson seems to be lost on many in our every-kid-gets-a-trophy culture.

In the martial arts, you will learn to fail – a lot.

Half of martial arts is hitting, but half is also getting hit.

Accepting that you will get hit will enable you to relax and better protect yourself. Ironically, learning how to take a hit is perhaps the best way for you to learn how to avoid it.

4.      You will Gain Self Confidence and Self Respect

Being able to advance and play with the big guys will give you a large amount of confidence.

Of course, playing with the big kids also gives all of us a little reminder of humility – someone is always bigger and stronger.

The right martial arts trainers will teach you that there are no tough guys.

Every martial artist ultimately learns this sense of respect and true confidence.

You will learn that confidence and respect for others comes from a deep sense of self-knowledge.

5.      You will connect your Mind and Body

Martial arts was emerged from Yoga. So the improvement of mental and physical health will lead you to connect your mind and body.

A martial artist is taught to see, feel, and listen – both internally and externally. Tapping into intuition, fear, and courage are examples of being able to put the physical together with the mental.

We often hear the phrase “being paralyzed with fear”? Being able to combat such a thing is what you learn in the martial arts.

6.      You will learn to manage EGO

You will learn to leave your pride behind and open your mind to learning instead. You will be surprised at how much farther it takes you.

7.      You will learn something new from everyone you meet

Everyone you’ll meet in your life has the ability to show you something new. Take it as an opportunity to better yourself and to help others with what you have learnt.

8.      You will improve your listening skills

When you listen wrong you perform wrong and that tells the amount of attention you were paying.

So you will improve your listening skills.

9.      Belts and Rankings

Belts and Rankings are a public recognition among peers, for the student’s effort and progress.

Martial Arts ranking system will help teach you to set goals and achieve them, to persevere and prioritize.

  1. Individual Achievement: No one sits on the Bench

In Martial Arts, everyone gets equal ‘playing / practising time’.

Naturally some people develop their skills and physical abilities earlier than others.

But it was found that the people who start out with underdeveloped athletic attributes (weak people) in reference to strength, speed and size, end up blooming onto some of the finest technicians one has ever seen.

11.  Gender Equality

The martial arts are one of the few sports where both boys and girls can play together.

Today the girls are among the most technically proficient students in Martial Arts and they often dominate many of the local, regional and national competitions.

Martial Artist also gives brothers and sisters an opportunity to practice together and learn from one another as well (not to mention the convenience of having all of your kids in one place at a time).

12.  You will improve your Stamina

If after doing some physical work you get tired, then you have low stamina.

Martial Arts will teach you how to last long in various physical activities.

13.  You will make new friends and connect with people

If you are facing problems in making new friends and connect with people, I highly recommend that you take a personality development course.

But the same can be practically achieved in Martial Arts also.

Where do I find such a Martial Arts Classes in Jodhpur?

Mr. Tanmay Sharma runs Mixed Martial Arts Classes in Jodhpur including karate, self-defense.

While practicing Martial Arts you can fight in various competitions.

After certain time period he organize Belt-Exams and you will be upgraded if you get success to pass the exams. Though exams are optional and depends totally on you.

He runs classes for all age groups, for kids, boys, girls, adults and the elderly.

You can contact him at: 98290-30233, 99827-01737.

Address: Geeta Bhawan, Jodhpur.

The Fees of this type of training is Rs. 600 per month.

Timings: 05:00 PM to 06:30 PM.

The training focuses on effective combat techniques, but also focuses on health and fitness as well as personal development and achieve inner peace by overcoming insecurities.

Here is What to do Next…

So personally, I will say that you must join it as soon as possible.

Anyone can join anytime and get benefits from it.

But if you can’t join, send your child, friend, relative; so that he/she will not end up like everyone else.

These benefits described above will make your life happy and successful in every aspect of your life. You will thank yourself later for deciding to join Martial Arts.

There is no success greater than sound and fit health.

I recommend that you take action and get started today with Martial Arts training in Jodhpur.


Pankaj Solanki

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    1. Hello Parminder Sir,
      I have heard about you from Nakul Sir 🙂 . It is great to see you here.

      Here is what I can suggest you:
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  1. Hello Pankaj,

    Thank you for providing the details on Martial Arts. I really want to join the martial arts classes. I tried to search fo such classes in Jodhpur previously but I was not able to find out .

    Keep up the good work


  2. really good work….
    its really an good blog for those who wants to know some about martial art…
    Thank you pankaj
    please keep updating us

        1. Pankaj Solanki

          Hi Poonam, for Karate please contact Mr. Tanmay Sharma (9982701737) and for Judo please contact Mr. Dilip Sir (7791816155). Cheers!

    1. Hi Pankaj, it is an art, so it all depends on you, how much you want to practise. Though, if you are a beginner, getting a black belt in Karate may take 2 years generally.

  3. Dear Pankaj Sir,
    thanks a lot for this precious suggestion for those who are seeking for martial arts in Jodhpur.

    could you please help me so,e more because i am looking for Takewando classes in Jodhour. Do you know anyone who teaches Takewando Skills ?

    Thank You

  4. Shashank singh

    Yes, if u are interested in boxing u can contact mr. Krishna Kachhavaha:-79776283602(owner lions health care,jodhpur)

  5. Anupurti Srivastava

    Hi I want learn it for fitness & self defense.. Please suggest and give the contact details whom should I connect to

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