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The Best SEO Company in Jodhpur

People that succeed in their website SEO do two things very well:

First, they find a top-level SEO Company. Second, they put 100% of their money into hiring that SEO Company.

I know hiring is not your problem. What your problem is:

“How do I find Top-Level SEO Company in Jodhpur?”

Right? Today, I’m going to make it easy for you.

Wait! What is SEO?

As Wikipedia explains:

“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results – often referred to as “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results.”

SEO is the process of improving the Ranking of a Website in the search engine (like Google).

Why do I need SEO?

Having a website for your business is just not sufficient to get the visibility in the market. It is also necessary to target the right customers among random visitors.

Here is why you need SEO:

1. To Fight Your Competition

When you are in competitive industry; Newspaper, Radio and TV ads become ineffective because your customers see many of these ads regularly.

Hence your ad gets buried between other ads. Not effective, right?

People search products and services on Internet before buying them.

Hence it is a huge opportunity for those who can afford SEO. This way you can crush your local competitors.

2. To Dominate Your Industry

When more customers buys your services and products, then by Word-Of-Mouth Publicity you get even more customers.

This way you can dominate your industry and clearly become Industry Leader.

3. To Improve Your Brand Awareness

When people see your brand website Ranking High, it shows them that Google too trusts you.

Then they have more reasons to buy your products and services. This improves your brand trust and awareness.

Even if you are new in your Industry, there are huge opportunities to dominate your industry via SEO.

4. To Increase Sales

When you dominate your industry, then everyone will turn to you for help and support. This way you increase your sales via Word-Of-Mouth.

5. To Increase Reach

When more people discover you via Google, you get more chances to increase your reach to people.

6. To Get One Step Ahead

In local street business everyone focuses on their Shop.

Only those, who can think bigger than Shops, are able to find new opportunities.

This shows your customers that, you care about them on Internet too.

7. To Capture Global Market

Shops can only capture local people. But a website via SEO can capture Global Business for you.

A foreign person will never be able to find about your shop from his house until he comes here.

But before coming here, he might already find one of your competitors via Internet (because they are ranking higher). So your competitor got that business. Bad for you, right?

8. To Help Your Customers

Websites run day and night. They do not require your presence. So you can help your customers 24 hours once it is set up properly.

What qualities should you check in a SEO Company?

You must not hire just any SEO Company. Look for these qualities:

1. Do they have Fixed Packages?

Many companies have fixed packages. Those packages are designed for large Businesses.

They are not designed for you. They are designed for someone else.

And in this case, you will have to pay them for that plan, even if some of the services of the plan are not useful for you.


Always look if a company is ready to make changes in their packages. It is best if they make a Package specifically for you.

2. Are they themselves ranking for their own Keywords?

Many of SEO Companies are not ranking for their own keywords, how will they rank you?

Always look for a company who is itself ranking high. Top 3 places of Google Ranking are best.

3. What is the GTMetrix Score of their own Website?

GTMetrix is a website Optimization Tester. Check website of the SEO Company in GTMetrix. If it is anything less than 90 Score for Page-Speed and YSlow, avoid that Company.

4. How is their Website Loading Speed?

No one likes slow websites. Google gives so much attention to it and monitors it regularly for every website. If website of a SEO Company is slow, avoid them.

5. What is quality of their own link profile?

If they have Over-Optimized anchor texts, avoid them at every cost.

To find this out go to AHREFs, put their website address and look at Anchor text.

6. Who are they getting links from?

Find out their Backlink sources at AHREFs. Avoid them if they have lots of directory links, reciprocal links and links from their OWN Client Websites.

Because they themselves are linking themselves, no other person is linking them. These strategies used to work in 2007, but in 2016 these are considered SPAM.

7. Do they really get results for clients?

Find a website of one of their clients from their website. Use relevant keywords in Google and find out, if that website is ranking high.

Top 7 rankings are fine. If other than that, you know what to do. Avoid…

8. Is their website mobile friendly?

Google has rolled Mobile algorithm search update in April 2015. It means the websites which are not mobile friendly, will not rank high.

Check this feature for their website at Google Mobile Tool.

9. What is quality of their articles?

If you can’t understand what they have written, it is possible that they too do not understand. Errors like spelling error, grammatical error and craft error are signs of bad writers. Avoid them.

10. How is their social media presence?

Most of the SEO Companies provide Social Media marketing Services, but their own social profile is not improving. It shows how poor their strategies are. Avoid them for your Social Media Management.

11. Is their website stuffed with keywords?

Most FAKE SEO Companies do this. In order to rank high they repeat a keyword more on a single page, this is called Keyword Stuffing.

It can be in Title, Meta Description and in Content. It used to work in 2007, but is ineffective in 2016.

Rather Google and Bing penalizes these actions. Avoid them if you find this on their website.

12. What are their strategies?

Find whether they use White-Hat or Black-Hat techniques. Black-Hat are illegal while White-Hat are legal.

13. Are they still using OLD SEO strategies?

Techniques like Keyword Stuffing, not using mobile friendly websites, Reciprocal Links, Directory Links, and Article Submission Directory links are all old.

If some new Google update finds anyone using these too many times, they will De-Index those websites. It will cost you your website and money.

You will have to start all over again. So, avoid those who only use these and no other new techniques.

14. Use strategies that are working in 2016.

I can’t outright tell you what is working in 2016 (for business purposes). But there are newly evolved SEO strategies which are giving powerful results in 2016. Make sure the SEO Company is using them.

15. Are they using THROW AND STICK Approach?

There are many SEO Companies who relies on chance. They throw too much stuff on a wall and out of 100 only 2 sticks on the wall.

Then they say “Look, we know how to do SEO 🙂 “. Sounds bad, right?

When you ask them why we are not ranking high, they say “SEO is slow process”.

If your brand new competitor is ranking higher than you, it is time to change your SEO Company.

If you are hiring SEO Company for first time, ask their existing clients how are their own results. Never trust someone fully by just Reviews.

People pay others to review them good. But in direct conversation you can find much more.

If a SEO Company has done Good work, their clients will be more than happy to talk to you.

16. Are they Over-Optimizing their websites?

Doing keyword stuffing, over-optimizing anchor text and many other bad practices sends Google Manual Spam signals. It can result in loss of website from Google. Avoid them…

17. Do they experiment OR just use conventional wisdom?

There are many SEO Companies who just practices what others preach them. SEO is different in theory and practice.

Look for a company who do experiments. Experiments prove what works and what does not work in SEO, today.

18. Do they link to other websites?

Many Companies have a misconception that you should not link to other websites other than “Links” (Reciprocal links) pages.

While Google’s Hill-Top Algorithm says completely opposite. This a wide gap between what is said in theory and what works in practice.

19. How is their support system?

What if something goes wrong? Company should provide you support, so that processes can flow smoothly on your website.

20. How will they track results?

Company must report you results and let you know how things are going. This is crucial. Without it you might not find out progress of your Website SEO.

When should You start?

Now. Because:

  1. After every 1.75 hours Google is getting harder to rank high.
  2. If you yourself are not serious about your Business, no one else will.
  3. If you don’t open your fist, no money can come out, but no money can go in too.

Where do I find Top-Level SEO Company in Jodhpur?

Solanki Web Marketing provides Top-Level SEO Services in Jodhpur, run by me Pankaj Solanki.

We meet all these above mentioned 20 qualities for website SEO. Contact us and we will show you all the details 🙂


Contact: 77920-06437


Address: Ganwa Bai Pass Road, Soorsagar, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

The main point is not to find a cheap SEO Company, but main point is to start with SEO Company.

“The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to rank higher on Google.”

Start with SEO Company Today and leave your competitors behind in your business!

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