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How To Reach Jodhpur: Top 3 Ways to

How to Reach Jodhpur’ is still a myth for new Jodhpur travelers.

But it all ends now, I have made this in depth guide including many options to reach Jodhpur.

Transportation to Jodhpur is quite easy and accessible. There are three modes of transportation to Jodhpur. These are:

1. Reach Jodhpur By Air:

The Jodhpur Airport is 5 km from the city center.

It is military and public type airport. Airports Authority of India operates it.

Regular flight services connect the city with other major cities of India. There are daily flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Udaipur and Jaipur.

2. Reach Jodhpur By Train:

Jodhpur is well connected by railway lines.

Trains to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata are easily available.

The ‘Palace on Wheels‘ also visits this city of royal magnificence.

Main stations in and around Jodhpur are:

No. Suburban Station Name Distance
(in Kms.)
1 Raikabagh Palace Junction 02
2 Bhagat Ki Kothi railway station 03
3 Mahamandir Railway Station 05
4 Basani Railway Station 06
5 Jodhpur Cantt Railway Station 08
6 Mandor Railway Station 10
7 Banar Railway Station 14
8 Salawas Railway Station 16

3. Reach Jodhpur By Road:

Another convenient mode of transportation to Jodhpur is by road. The main highway between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer is via Agoli and Pokaran. The highway is well connected with Agra, Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Delhi, Jaipur, Jaisalmer and Udaipur by bus.

National Highways passing through Jodhpur:

  • NH-65: Ambala-Kaithal-Hissar-Fatehpur-Jodhpur-Pali; total length= 690 km
  • NH-112: Junction with NH-14 near Bar connecting Jaitaran-Bilara-Kaparda-Jodhpur-KalyanpurPachpadra-Baloootra-Tilwara-Kher-BagundiDhudhwa-madhasar-Kawas and terminating at its junction with NH 15 near Barmer; total length= 343 km
  • NH-114: Junction with NH-65 near Jodhpur connecting Balesar – Dechhu and terminating at its junction with NH-15 near Pokaran; total length= 180 km

State Highways passing thorugh Jodhpur:

  • SH-19: Phalodi (NH 15) to Needar via Ahu, Chadi, Pachudi, Nagaur, Tarneu, Khatu Kalan, Khatu khurd, Toshina, Kuchaman City, Bhuni, Maroth, Deoli Minda, Renwal Crossing, Kaladera; total length= 368 km
  • SH-21: Dantiweara to Merta City via Pipar City, Borunda; total length= 97 km
  • SH-28: Phalodi (NH 15) to Ramji ki Gol via Deeechu, Shergarh, Pachpadra, Balotra, Sindri, Guda Malani; total length= 259 km
  • SH-58: Jodhpur to Bheem up to NH 8 via Vinakiya, Rajola Sojat, Rendiri, Bhaisana, Sojat Road, Kantalia, Baban; total length= 142 km
  • SH-61: Phalodi ( NH 15) to Mandal via Osian, Mathania, Jodhpur, Khejrali, Bhatenda, Saradasamand, Jadan, Marwar Junction, Auwa, Jojawar, Kamalighat, Devgarh, Rajaji ka kareda; total length=349 km
  • SH-62: Bilara to Pindwara via Sojat, Sireeyari, Jojawar, Bagol, Desuri, Sadri, Sewari;total length=187 km
  • SH-63: Banar to Kuchera via Bhopalgarh Asop; total length=129 km
  • SH-65: Sheo (NH 15) to Shergarh via Bhiyad, Barnawa Jagger, Patodi, Phalsoond; total length=155 km
  • SH-66: Siwana to Dhandhaniya (NH 114) via Samdari, Kalyanpur, Mandli Rodhawa Kalan; total length=90 km
  • SH-68: Dangiyawas (NH 112) to Balotra via Kakelao, Khejarli, Guda Kakani, Luni, Dhundhara, Rampura, Samdari; total length=131 km

(See list of all the national Highways and state highways)

So how do you decide ‘How to reach Jodhpur’ ?

As you have seen there are many means of transportation to come in Jodhpur.

Yet tourists prefer airline mostly.

If you want to come to Jodhpur from a city where there is no airport, you have two options:

  1. Go to nearby city where there is a airport and then come to Jodhpur
  2. Hire a car and come directly to Jodhpur

Either way decide your convenience and explore Jodhpur with us.


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